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People aren't resources but individuals that thrive with purpose, direction and the right level of investment

As the saying goes 'an organisation is only as good as it’s people'

Training combined with elements of coaching.

Harnessing the power of employees requires a commitment to seeing the person

About Us

What started off as a presentation coaching company, has evolved into so much more!

In an ever-changing world, the fundamental shift from seeing employees as a resource, to people is needed for any organisations to thrive. That age-old view devalues their humanity, ignoring their individuality and undermines their ability to do more, to be more.

Insight Coaching believes in the power of people and the positive impact that they can have in the world of work. 

Our people-first coaching consultancy delivers a range of impactful solutions that harness the individuals untapped potential, transforming and shifting organisational mindsets, ultimately empowering companies to drive internal meaningful change driven by their people. 

Colleagues at Work

Why Insight Coaching

We sit at the intersection of behavioural science, performing arts and good business acumen. This gives us a good balance of understanding people, systems and processes.

Our blended learning approach means that every client engagement has targeted results, leading to long-lasting transformation and change.

Our coaching consultancy style allows us to see the blind spots and work with organisations to get to the heart of the matter, finding affordable and effective solutions. 

Each workshop is adaptable and customisable depending on individual needs. We avoid the copy and paste approach.

Our Values

See The Person And Their Potential

The power of the individual and the contribution to the whole

Communicate Honestly & Frequently

Open, honest and empathetic communication leaves no room for ambiguity. 

Under Promise Over Deliver

We do what's possible while seeking to go above and beyond at every opportunity


Seek First To Understand

More of our awesome Clients

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