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Anti-Racial Programme

You may not be racist but can still say raciest things but lets discover the difference

"The Only Kind Of Learning Which Significantly Influences Behavior Is Self-Discovered Or Self-Appropriated Learning - Truth That Has Been Assimilated In Experience."

Carl Rogers - Psychologist

Overview (Why)

The concepts of race and ethnicity has always been an ongoing conversation. How we engage in the conversation has progressed drastically especially since the killing of George Floyd. A move for a more open and honest conversation about how people of colour are affected, has meant a change in focus for individuals and wider institutions.

However, despite the progress of these conversation, there has been a lack of action and peoples views still stop at 'literate' - having the right language but not the fluency, ability to engage and take action. The issues around race, ethnicity and culture still feel like a landmine to navigate, dousing the desire to drive meaningful change, taking on the position of allyship, where the change happens.

As a society, there has been a shifts, a global awakening. Gone are the days of the obvert and loud racist bigot, but racism has become more covert and insidious. It is because of this, we have to acknowledge, it's not enough to not be racist, but we must be an8-racist. It's not enough to promote equality but must push for equity, as that is how we can achieve true equality and ultimately root out racism.

Our insights (How)

Our anti-racist programme takes participants on a journey of moving from cognisant, to literate, to racial fluency and ultimately allyship. Focusing on building the confidence to have these uncomfortable conversations and build racial awareness.

  • The Science Behind Bias - what does science says about bias, how are they developed over time and defining key terms

  • Building language - exploring language within the context of race and the evolving conversations

  • The Uncomfortable Truth - recognising personal bias, prejudiced views, stigmas and negative emotions.

  • Case Studies - exploring different ways that race and ethnicity has an impact on wider society

  • Empathy Mapping & User Journey - building empathy and exploring the world of those we work with

  • Team Together - redefining the culture of work and how to apply what’s been learnt.

we recognise that this can be a sensitive topic and triggering so we aim to create a safe space to have these conversations. With that in mind every client gets a bespoke road map, plotting your personal journey.

We also pride resources that beyond the sessions as well as creating internal advocates and ambassadors who can continue the work once we are done.

This is our most popular programme especially with schools.

Key Insights (Take Aways)

Our Anti-racist training programme has 4 specific outcomes, which by the end of the programme participants will;

  1. Recognise the impact of racism in all its forms

  2. Moved from racially cognizant to racially fluent

  3. Confidently engage in various discussions about racism

  4. Explore what true allyship looks

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